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The Beautiful Hair Blog

Our Valentine Hair Favs

If you ask us, every day of the year should be more like Valentine’s Day, at least when it comes to telling your favorite people that you love them! Personally, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I love giving Valentine’s to my family & friends in the form of handwritten cards, candy or gifts. I love the pink, the red and hearts everywhere! It’s a great excuse to pull out your favorite dress & heels for a night of glam. Whether you are celebrating it with your friends or your special someone we have some great alternative hair suggestions for you....

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The Angel Braid Tutorial

  As women we love change! Change of seasons to put out new décor, change the furniture up a little or change up our look for something fresh! Sometimes it’s nice to just add a little something different than the usual to our hair styles. Today I’m going to show you a step by step tutorial for a fun and simple way to create the Angel Braid style on your alternative hair. The Angel Braid is usually worn along your hairline to keep your hair away from your face. This pretty style is made up of half a French braid,...

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The Grinch That Stole My Wig

 If there ever was a Grinch in the wig industry, it would be backorders! Most of us have probably been there at one time or another. You can't wait to try a new style you keep seeing pop up all over social media, when you hear those dreaded words, "Your item is on backorder!". Adding insult to injury, this is the season when we are more conscious of our appearance as we get ready for family gatherings, parties, and lots of picture-taking!   So let's start with the basics, as some of you may be wondering, what is a backorder?...

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Thankful, Grateful, Blessed.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us! Thank goodness for alternative hair to help us look our best! During November I seem to be more intentional about reflecting on the things I’m thankful for and there is always something to be thankful for! Some days we may need to search a little harder, but as the saying goes “there is always always always something to be thankful for!” Here is our NameBrandWigs thankful list: GREAT HAIR DAYS Guaranteed! We all want to look our best and alternative hair helps us achieve that perfect hair style every...

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It's Redhead Season!

If you are anything like me you not only start to consider moving into darker shades as Autumn approaches, but you also start to wonder if you could pull off red hair! Did you know red is the rarest hair color in the world, with only around 2% of the population born with it?! It is also one of the hardest shades to dye because of the way it takes and maintains color. So if you are thinking about testing things out as a redhead, what better way than to use a wig to do so! Very little commitment and maintenance...

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